When the time comes to create a generational legacy, the families that have been most successful have incorporated an additional element into their advisor teams beyond wealth management and tax mitigation. Family governance advisors have been quite effective in facilitating the transfer of generational wealth. In the third part of our generational wealth podcast series, Tom Rogerson, President and CEO of GenLeg Consulting and Boston Private’s Jason Cain share the impact governance advisors can have on your family legacy.

Manufacturing has been a significant but overlooked contributor to the economic recovery. However, ongoing trade policy tensions between the U.S and China have put a strain on manufacturing globally. Boston Private Chief Investment Officer Shannon Saccocia considers the dynamics between recent manufacturing performance, existing trade agreements and insular economic policies abroad. Listen now.

Successfully transferring family wealth from the first generation to the second employs skills many families already possess. In part two of their generational wealth series, Tom Rogerson, President and CEO of GenLeg Consulting and Boston Private’s Gerald Baker delve deeper into the strategies that have proven to be most effective with clients.

As expected, increased consumer spending has driven the recent economic recovery. But will it continue? A supply-demand mismatch in the labor market, increased input costs and a shift in consumer sentiment have made the Fed’s job difficult while COVID-19 lingers. Boston Private Chief Investment Officer Shannon Saccocia weighs in on the Fed’s inflation dilemma. Listen now.

Creating a family legacy can have its share of challenges. We sat down with Tom Rogerson, President and CEO of GenLeg Consulting to discuss pragmatic ways to avoid the hidden pitfalls families often face when developing generational legacies. In the first of a three-part series, Boston Private’s Gerald Baker and Mr. Rogerson discuss strategies you can use to overcome the issues that may stand in the way of generational wealth in your family. Listen now.

Can the economic rebound be sustained during this time of uncertainty? U.S. trade policy, supply chain constraints and infrastructure spend will each play a role in this growth story. This week, CIO Shannon Saccocia examines the impact of these factors during the months ahead. Listen now.

Ever wonder how you could be using debt as a strategic tool? Our own Gerald Baker sits down with our Head of Private Lending Karen Roses to discuss how using debt and leverage can be an important tool in a tax-efficient wealth plan.

Tools and technology have increased access to information and investing opportunities. Shannon Saccocia, Chief Investment Officer, provides three considerations before you dive into today’s hottest parts of the market.

As COVID-19 vaccinations continue here in the U.S., can we look forward to a more robust economy? Shannon Saccocia, Chief Investment Officer, recaps the first quarter of 2021 and offers her take on three critical factors impacting market behavior over the next several quarters. Listen now.

Richard Perez, Chief Strategist,  sits down with leaders within the FinTech and Family Office space. Logan Allin, Managing General Partner at Fin VC, Johnson Cook, President & COO of Green Light and Suna Said, Founder & CEO Nima Capital discuss the state of the industry, trends, and impacts on the next generation. Listen now.

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